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    We appreciate your interest in motors and controls from S-S Electric. A family service firm for over three generations, we offer you in-depth service, sales and technical support for your electric equipment needs.

    Our Technical support staff combines many years of experience in motor applications as well as the latest support for controls, panel design and sales.

    If you need a motor, a catalog for one of our lines, a price, or just some friendly advice, please give us a call. Our friendly response to your inquiry is backed by our sophisticated computer and communications systems to give you the best in "Old-Fashioned" and "Hi-Tech" service.

Our home since 1929
Our home since 1929

   S-S Electric Repair Shop, Inc. was founded in 1929 by John W. Schlehr, who started the company in his basement at 74 Chamberlain St., Buffalo.

   They fixed electric motors from washing machines, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and farm equipment. 

   As the business grew, it was incorporated in December of 1938 and moved to its current location, 2470 Seneca St. The late `40s and `50s was a very busy time for the shop.

  Western New York was in the process of standardizing its electrical frequency and S-S Electric rewound motors from 25 to 60 cycle (Hz). At that time, rewinding a washing machine motor cost $2. 


Serving Buffalo for over 84 years
Serving Buffalo for over 84 years

   S-S Electric was run by J.W. Schlehr until 1972 when his son-in-law, Eugene G. Winter (Jeep), aquired the business. In 1993, Jeep's children took over the day to day operations. They are the third generation to run the business.

   Today, S-S Electric specializes in repairing or replacing electric motors, like kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, furnace and air conditioning motors, power tools, generators, sump pumps, pool pumps and spa motors.

   Visit S-S Electric Repair at 2470 Seneca St., between Harlem and Cazanovia Park. Business hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Same day service is available. S-S Electric is very proud to carry on a tradition of quality, friendly service. For more information, call (716)823-1232

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    2470 Seneca St.
    Buffalo, NY 14210
    Phone: 716-823-1232
    FAX: 716-823-0371

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